Tuesday, September 21, 2021

No Corners to Get in the Way - I Want a Round Coffee Table

When I furnished my new family room, I selected a large brown sectional sofa that slipped perfectly in the corner. I had a great floor lamp that I slipped in the corner behind the sofa, and a pair of spring green club chairs that looked great with the new pillows that came with the sofa. But I knew my rectangular coffee table wasn't going to work. My instincts told me, soften the edges, look for a round coffee table.

I found a simple round table in a deep espresso finish, with traditional curves but clean lines. The little shelf under the tabletop held a couple of books. The fact that it was marked down at a nearby clearance center was all the better.

It may be time to update my family room furniture, but I don't think I would change from a round table. As I browsed the furniture websites, I realized that I had many options other than the one that has served me well for nearly a decade.

I could consider another wooden round coffee table-I saw traditional styles in deep cherry, walnut, and mahogany, with solid brass hardware. They come with tiny drawers, turned pedestals, and antique-reproduction veneers. If I wanted to go more casual, I saw more than one round table with a painted finish-perfect if I wanted to create a country-casual d├ęcor.

I also liked the look of mixed materials-a wooden base with an inset mirrored on top, or maybe a substantial base with a heavy stone surface. I saw tables with scrolled metal bases and wooden tabletops.

But I think I am looking for something a little less traditional. I always liked the look of a glass top table, and there were no lack of them available in many different styles. I considered the wooden look again, with a beveled glass top inset in a wide frame. I was drawn to another round table in glass-but this one had a metal base. That one would show off the area rug that anchors the family room.

What about a drum table? It is a round table, enclosed between the top and the base. It can provide storage, with drawers or shelves inside the base. Because it is so solid, it has substantial presence in a room. But my family room is not that large, so I'm looking for a round table that doesn't take up so much visual space.

I did see some coffee tables that served multiple purposes. If I occasionally needed a little more table top space, I could select a round coffee table that nested a smaller pair of removable tables under its tabletop. Pull out the spares when I need more space for game night or a cocktail party, and replace them to their resting place later. I also saw more than one round coffee table with an upholstered top, so the table could double as seating when a crowd gathered. In a similar vein, I saw tables that stored small ottomans underneath its surface. I'd have the stability of a wooden table top, but I'd have the versatility of the extra seating it provides.

My kids got in on the shopping as well. We want a round coffee table, right? What about the one with the fish tank in the base? We always wanted an aquarium... Hmmm, I don't think so.

Right now, I'm shopping. But when it's time to make a decision, I know I'll be buying another round coffee table in Ulhasnagar furniture market.